About Us

# ACS UV TECHNOLOGIES Ultraviolet and Infrared Lines brings supreme, versatility and premium quality production well within your reach. As with all ACS products, the UV-Line is designed to measure up to the highest and most rigorous standards in the industry. Robustness, durability and ease of maintenance are ensured by the finest engineering together with the use of top quality materials and components.

# ACS's products powerful features such as these that do more than just enhance and extend your overall production capabilities – they provide the differentiating factors that will boost your business’s competitive edge.

Our Vision

#  We provide outstanding value for our customers. Sustainable, above-average growth and profitability are keys to strengthen our market position and to investing in new products and applications. We foster a corporate entrepreneurship, team spirit, and personal growth. We contribute to society and improvement of the environment.

#  We design our products with the customer in mind. Sidestepping the stress of navigation or travel begins with easy-to-use menus, logical options and intuitive features.

#  If a customer needs an end-to-end solution for any Drying /Curing project, ACS has it, and we deliver it when and where it is needed.

#  We don’t just design and sell products, we embrace the purpose.

#  We’re always thinking of ways to adapt and improve.

#  At ACS, you never know how the next great idea will be born. But you know it’s coming soon.

Our Mission

# To be the partner of choice in high volume need and solutions.

#  Our business.

#  Our competence.

#  Our approach.

Our Values

#  Create outstanding customer value.

#  Continuous learning and improvement.

#  Empowerment and accountability.

#  Mutual trust, openness and transparency.

#  Honesty and integrity at every level in the company.


#  M/s. Vijay Electricals, Hyderabad
#  M/s. Freemas Measures Limited, Ludhaian
#  M/s. Allied Instruments, Mumbai
# M/s. Titan Industries Ltd., Hosur
#  M/s. Thompson Press Ltd., Faridabadad
#  M/s. Empee Offset, Pune
#  M/s. Computer Forms, Hong Kong
#  M/s. Flemengo Agencies, Chennai
#  M/s. Schneider Electric, Chennai
#  M/s. Lucas - TVS, Pondy.
#  M/s. Nuprint Limited, Mauritius
#  M/s. NPOL, Cochin
#  M/s. Hindustan Latex Limited, Trivandrum
#  M/s. Lea Prints, Ahmedabad.
#  M/s. Anabond Limited, Chennai
#  M/s. ARCI, Hyderabad
#  M/s. Emirates Printing Forms. Abu Dhabi
#  M/s. IIT, Kharagpur
#  M/s. Borge Warner Cooling Systems, Chennai
#  M/s. MK Technology Joint Stock Co., Vietnam

Our Mindset.

We are specialized in Designing, Manufacturing & Commissioning of UV (Ultraviolet) & IR (Infrared) Systems, in case of some applications it goes with UV or IR or both. Promoters have 16 years of experience in Designing, Manufacturing, Supplying & Installation of many UV & IR Drying Systems for different applications.